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CLIC has landed!

Postiwyd gan CLIC Kathryn o Cenedlaethol - Cyhoeddwyd ar 25/10/2009 am 09:21
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Yn Gymraeg

After a year of planning, development and continuous consultation with young people and organisations, we are finally unveiling our fresh new look.

As the National Information and Advice service for Young People (11-25) in Wales, CLIC will continue to provide users with an encyclopedia of useful information and signpost them to relevant organisations to seek help and advice.

What's different is the website will now allow you and the organisations that support your activities to upload articles, pictures and videos as well as publicise events and news to share with everyone across Wales. You simply have to register online to get a username and password to be able to start contributing to the website. All content uploaded will be moderated by the editors before appearing online.  

With the help of young people we've started reviewing and rewriting some sections of the existing information but comments and feedback are welcome from everyone visiting the website. With so much valuable information included, this will be ongoing with your help to develop the information over the coming year.

There is a comment function included on every page so get involved, sign up, upload your own content or let us know what you think!

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woop woop! :)

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