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Yn Gymraeg

Most of us play an instrument nowadays, or at least know someone who is musically inclined. Whether we like to shred some riffs on the guitar, play a bit of slap-bass, like to blast beat our way through a drumkit, love to sing at the top of our voice, enjoy a trumpet solo or even find solace in the deep tones of the didgeridoo, the popularity of music (listening to and playing) is forever on the increase.

So this very rare opportunity could be the perfect chance for you to get your talents noticed.

Trac-Cymru are looking for ten musicians from different musical backgrounds to take part in an exciting new project, 10 in a Bus, which aims to reinterpret and demystify traditional Welsh folk music.

10 in a Bus will give professional or semi-professional musicians working in differing genres the opportunity of coming together to research their musical roots and to reinterpret Welsh traditional music in a way that is relevant to them, and to audiences of today.

The project will be divided into three phases. Beginning with the research phase, the ten musicians will travel around Wales, visiting the sound archives in St Fagan’s, the National Library’s music collections, as well as meeting some of Wales’s ‘tradition bearers’ and ethnomusicologists.

After a break, the musicians will reassemble for a week-long writing retreat. They will be encouraged to work together to re-interpret the traditional material, as well as composing new work based on their experiences during the research phase.

After another break, the entire group will reassemble to record an album of all the material. At the end of the recording process, a concert will be held as part of a tour that will take the new work around Wales, and hopefully further afield in 2014.

Trac-Cymru’s Project Officer, Angharad Jenkins, comments:

“We would like to hear from musicians from a wide variety of musical backgrounds – not just folk but hip-hop, rock, classical, jazz – there are no limitations. The successful musicians will network, develop their own profiles, compose new, innovative work, and then take that work to audiences and communities that otherwise might not have come across it. It’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of recent developments in the folk scene in Wales, and an opportunity to raise awareness of Wales’s music traditions in a new and creative way. It’s incredibly timely as well, with the world music trade fair WOMEX coming to Cardiff next year – 10 in a Bus will help to put music in Wales in the international spotlight.”

For further information and to apply to be one of the ten, contact Angharad Jenkins at prosiect@trac-cymru.org

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