2012 F1 Constructor’s Championship Preview – Red Bull

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Back-to-back double world champions Red Bull Racing-Renault will be hoping to make it three double world championships in 2012. They will have their work cut out though as this season sees a change in the Sporting Regulations.

It is no secret in the F1 Paddock that Red Bull’s pace has been found by developing a blown diffuser and exhaust system. When designing the RB5 in 2009, Red Bull’s genius and highly wanted designer Adrian Newey came up with a concept which channels the exhaust gases from the car through the rear diffuser. This exhaust channelling occurs both when the car is on the throttle however also off throttle and as a result of this giving the cars much more down force particularly at the rear.

For the 2012 season however, Red Bull aren’t able to do this because the FIA (Federation International de automobile) have clarified the rule by pointing out where the exhausts must exit the car. This prohibits any exhaust blowing from occurring however Adrian Newey will certainly be trying to find a loophole in the regulations and find a way to ensure that at least some exhaust blowing will still take place.

Will this stop Red Bull from making it back-to-back-to-back double World Champions? We will have to wait and see.

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