Hawthorn High Take Over Radio Cardiff

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Over the last term a group of Year 9 boys have been taking part in the DJ group on a Thursday afternoon to not only learn a new skill but also to help raise their confidence and self-esteem. As a result of their ongoing engagement they were invited to attend Radio Cardiff (98.7FM), on Thursday 8th December to perform live from 11am until 12.45pm.

The boys worked alongside Martin Harding (AKA DJ Dibble) to present the show. Martin is a resident DJ at the station on Friday evenings and he had the following to say about the boys:

“I am so proud of all the boys, they did over and above what was expected of them and their confidence has grown so much especially when they are together as a group, I would like to give a special shout out to Billy for doing his live rapping section and to Alex who didn’t want to say anything but actually spoke live on the radio 3 times. Well done boys I am proud of you all!”

The programme was a great success and this will be replicated with a new targeted group in January 2016. The programme was funded by the Youth Engagement and Participation Service and DJ skills is also available for all Hawthorn High pupils from 2.50pm until 8pm every Thursday after school, so come along to the Youth Wing and GET INVOLVED!

Here’s what the boys had to say about the experience:

It was amazing! My confidence has sky rocketed, next time I will DJ live” – Brandon Briggs

I had the best time ever” – Iwan Davies)

I had a fun time every Thursday and a great time on the decks” – Marly Richards


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