Runescape Review (15th anniversary special)

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VGBish here and this review focuses on a piece of gaming history. Runescape has been up and running for 15 years and I have been playing on and off for 9 years – I still have the event items from the queen’s jubilee! Let’s see if it still stands up to the VGBish review.

Graphics: 8
The reason this game’s graphics have such a high rating is down to the fact it can be played in your browser and almost every PC can run the latest version.

Sounds: 6
The sound effects are a bit basic but that doesn’t break immersion, so it gets a 6.

Quests: 8
There are new member quests added every week but as a free-to-play. I don’t get as many quests as other critics so I’m only reviewing what I can play and I’ll be honest, free to play Runescape is close to perfection when it comes to content quantity.

Customisation: 7
Nothing to really write home about however once you master a certain skill tree or all skill trees you get skill capes which look badass and let everybody know how many weeks you spent cutting down virtual trees.

Soundtrack: 9
I struggle to find a soundtrack as iconic as the Runescape music. ‘Nuff said.

Controls: 6
In Runescape 3 they did make the controls a little more complex however the basic controls are just that basic meaning everyone from grandad to grandson can go fishing in the tropics.

Overall: 8
I guarantee if you crawl through whatever new tutorial they’ve designed this year you will drop hundreds of hours into this free to play MMO, take it from me, I’ve dropped 9 years into it.

To buy or not to buy…

Dude…. It’s free and you can play it in your browser


  • The new combat system feels like every other MMO
  • Arguably should have a console port by now


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