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Let’s get stuck in with a bit of history about the series; Codemasters started Dirt way back on the Gameboy colour and PlayStation 1. They have been going strong for years until Dirt 3 and Dirt Showdown… *shudders* bad times – Codemasters thought they would follow the path Forza took and make a sort of Dirt-Horizon hybrid, needless to say it didn’t end well. However, their latest entry Dirt 4 fixes that – read on to find out how:

Story: 7
It’s a solid story, Underdog works his or her way up the ranks to win the World Championship. Also, the career manager mode has been revamped in such a way that we haven’t seen for a long time, there’s a feature where you micromanage your pit crew and rally team, this is extremely polished and offers great depth.

Audio: 8
Welcome back to hearing gravel skittering against the underside of your car whilst drooling over the roar of the v8. In short, the sound is gorgeous. However nothing is perfect – the voice acting is quite flat, but what did you expect from a rally game?

Gameplay: 10
Extremely polished controls and features, for example you can alter the brake power on your front axis and rear axis separately which helps the perfectionist within me, add that to the smooth responsive driving mechanics, active multiplayer race leagues and the ability to micromanage your pit crew, and this makes a solid, responsive and polished rally game.

Graphics: 8
Solid graphics even up to 4K, however on PC there seem to be rendering issues where the game sees you coming so it spawns a billion low res bushes around you so you can’t see the map fall away.

Soundtrack: 8
Solid, modern pop and hip hop with slight hints of soft rock. Nuff’ said.

Features: 8
In a rally game, there are not many features you can add however, Dirt 4 is quite innovative in this department – such as the previously mentioned micromanaging and ultimate customisation on the driving mechanics of your car, there’s even more folks! You can start your own race teams, negotiate sponsors and buy a fleet of vehicles to compete in different races. There’s even buggy racing which I found addictive as all hell. This game is definitely staying on my hard drive.

Overall Rating: 9
To buy or not to buy: Buy

Watch this space for a wrap up of Microsoft’s E3 conference and a chapter from my upcoming book 🙂

Disclaimer: This game was given to me for review purposes, all reviews are my personal opinions on the game and not those of Wicid.TV. This review was played on Xbox One, experiences may differ on other systems.


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