The Man: Chapter 9 – A Traitor’s Death

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Charles was speechless upon hearing her voice again, the smile fading off his face as he recognised his next opponent. The one person who’s killed more assassins than anyone else in history, Shay Cormack.

The Templar Grand Master laughed louder than before, “did you really think I wouldn’t clone the master anti assassin himself when I knew you were coming?”

Charles closed his eyes and saw that Shay was indeed here to kill him as he glowed red through his eyelids. Charles took a step back and took up a defensive stance ready to fight with blades. Shay noticed so he drew his rifle and shot Charles in the chest with a smoke grenade knocking him off his feet before kneeling down and whispering in Charles’s ear “Goodnight ya basta….” He didn’t get to finish as there was a blade through his throat, Charles got to his feet and used 8 of his remaining bullets to take out the Templar Grand Master’s personal guard before pointing it towards Lilly who was smiling, “Has seeing Shay shook your memory dear? You only had eight bullets”

A gunshot rang out, Blood splattered over the grand master.


Charles sprinted up one of the bleachers throwing himself at a window ledge before hauling himself up to the roof and speaking into his radio “Cat… it’s done” Charles then continued on to where Gibbs and the recruits were set to meet him. Gibbs ran up and pulled Charles into an embrace “Charles you magnificent bastard, Let’s get out of here.”

A few months passed, recruits came and went, Charles took on target after target, weakening the Templar and Coalition presence in Cardiff. Two years had passed since Lilly’s death, Phil the driver passed away, the creed around the world honoured his duty to both the creed and the UK in the coalition war. “Phil was a great man, without him most of us would not be standing here today including myself and Charles. Even though he didn’t look like it, Phil kicked just as much ass as me Charles, and even Jacob Frye or Ezio himself. Phil was a good man, a good friend and a great mentor” Gibbs told the crowd proudly, Charles was stood next to him “gorffwys mewn heddwch”

Cat burst into Charles’s office two days later, “they’ve made contact!”

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