VGBish Talks Microsoft @ E3

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Hey Guys VGBish here and do I have some news for you, Microsoft’s E3 conference was aired last night and boy does PlayStation have some catching up to do.

Hardware: 8
So the scorpio is going to be called the Xbox One X (Ew). However we saw what it can do, for example, run the new Assassins Creed in native 4K at 60fps – yes, we are talking about a console. The console costs $499 stateside and around £399 in the UK. Yes, that’s a minimal amount for a native 4K system, considering the nearest PC counterpart hits $900.

Games: 10
My oh my, where to start: 22 exclusives were announced as well as original Xbox backwards compatibility. Let’s go over some of the bigger titles shown, such as the legendary Cuphead,  State of Decay 2, Forza 7 and Ori The Will of the Wisps. More bombshells are definitely coming out of E3 with Playerunknowns Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One! That’s about all I’m excited for so I’ll pop a list of everything Microsoft has announced down below:

Minecraft crossplay with every console except playstation 4 😉

Metro Exodus


Player Unknowns Battlegrounds

State Of Decay 2

Ori The Will Of The Wisps

Dragonball fighters 2

The Darwin Project

Sea Of Thieves

Robocraft Infinite

Forza Motorsport 7

Biowares Anthem

Shadow Of War

Crackdown 3 (IT HAS TERRY CREWS!!)

Assassins Creed Origins

Killing Floor 2 (IN 4K!!)

Need For Speed Payback

Madden 18

Super Lucky’s Tale

There was a couple more but they have escaped me, sorry. I’m only human after all…. Or am I? Watch this space for the first chapter of TTD Stories: The Immortal


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