The Man: Chapter 10 – The Time Lord

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Charles stared at Cat confused “who made contact?”

“The ship I spotted in orbit!!” Cat replied hastily. Charles stood and followed Cat to her lab, he loved being in her lab and not just because there was new tech everywhere, there was something more to the place. He picked up a radio held down the talk button:

“This is Charles Bishop of the earth, are you a threat to this planet?” A reply came instantly.

“No Charles, we simply wanted to recruit you and your team.” Charles gave Cat an odd look before replying, “what kind of job?” He got the words out before they were beamed up to the ship, Charles vomited as he materialised in front of a stern looking captain with a weird steampunk outfit with cogs everywhere.

As Charles caught his breath Cat took over the questioning “So you’re human? I thought you were an alien?”

“Oh I am” She replied quickly “I’m a timelord, Knight is the name. Now before we continue I must assess your health in the medbay. Gordon!! Prep the scanners. Now if you would follow me.” Knight walked off through a set of doors briskly with Cat and Charles in tow, Charles checked his blade and Cat gave him a stern look “Just in case”

Back in the assassin HQ Gibbs was searching for the two of them so he sparked up his radio “Charles, Cat? Come in!” He went up on the roof with a rifle and pair of binos to search for anything weird, he found it. As he looked down the main entrance road he choked as he saw coalition forces rolling up to HQ with heavy artillery. Gibbs jumped back on his radio and started shouting orders, within minutes the sniper towers were armed with RPG teams as well as snipers, gunner nests were manned and each window had a recruit heavily armed on it. “Charles if you can hear me we need you now”

Back on the ship Charles and Cat had both of their scans with no further problems. “Cat…. this is most strange it says you’ve been dead since the 1500s?” Charles burst into laughter “That’s because she’s a clone from an ex-assassin’s DNA, you’re telling me you have this ultra-intelligent AI yet you didn’t know about the animus cloning programme?” Cat blushed as both of their radios sparked up in their ears “CHARLES, CAT WHERE THE **** ARE YOU? WE’RE GETTING DESTROYED DOWN HERE!!”

Charles and Cat jumped to their feet and both shouted: “Gordon, beam us out of here.” They only just heard the reply, “of course captains” and Knight shouting she’ll be there in just a minute. Gibbs was engaged in CQC with three coalition soldiers armed with swords whilst Gibbs was using his bare hands. Charles materialised behind the Coalition troops and used his blades to slice the back of their legs before stabbing them through their throats. As they fell to their knees, Gibbs finished off the last one with a vicious headbutt breaking the coalition troopers nose knocking him out, Gibbs snatched up the trooper’s pistol and used it to shoot two troopers aiming their rifles at Charles.

Cat materialised back in her lab where she grabbed her prototype crossbow and sword, she sprinted out of the front door firing 3 bolts into troopers wearing light armour, killing them instantly. The crossbow rotated to give her another 3 round burst which she fired into a juggernaut by accident. As she realised her mistake she pushed a button on her sword handle, an 18 inch obsidian blade shot out of the handle and penetrated the juggernauts armour with ease. She pulled the sword out of the side of the armour slicing through the man inside and the armour, she then ducked under a throwing knife aimed her way by a Templar rogue, Charles shot the rogue point blank in the side of her head with his hidden blades shotgun splattering blood over Knight as she materialized next to them.

“Now that’s no way to greet an immortal.” She twirled around spin kicking a trooper in the head breaking his neck, killing him instantly. Gibbs shouted over the gunfire “we need to have a long talk once this is over.” He then caught a grenade out of the air and threw it back to its sender, blowing up the armed humvee the sender was stood next to. Charles tackled Cat out of the way of falling rubble as another tank shell hit the HQ. “Immortals now? What the hell is coming next?” As Charles spoke, Knight pulled what looked like a flashbang from her coat and threw it at the tank – the grenade erupted into a black and blue portal sucking the tank in before closing again afterwards.

“Charles I think you should shut up before she throws zombies at us” Gibbs laughed over the chaos. As all 4 stood back to back they heard a cry from one of the sniper towers as it went up in flames after an RPG hit its base. Charles and Gibbs burst into action leaving the 2 ladies to fend for themselves. “Men eh? Always trying to be the hero” Knight laughed, Cat wasn’t impressed so she drew her crossbow and shot over Knights shoulder hitting an RPG round in midair, “At least they’re not arrogant!”

Charles started to clamber up the tower as Gibbs fended off the troopers at the bottom with pistols and hidden blade slashes. Charles carried the survivors down one by one as the tower burned his hands and legs. As the last survivor landed, Charles jumped off doing a leap of faith into a coalition truck, landing at the feet of 8 troopers. He laughed loudly “can today get any better?” He pulled a pin from his grenade he lifted from Knight and dropped out the back flap as the truck was engulfed in a portal. Knight saw the portal and checked her belt “Thieving bastard!” Cat swept her feet from under her and shoved the crossbow in her face “I recommend you play nice. Bitch” Charles saw this and ran over to them to calm Cat down. Meanwhile, Gibbs cleaned up the last troop transport with a well-placed pistol shot to the gas tank.

Gibbs caught up as Charles defused the situation, Charles looked at Gibbs proudly “You are the master now son. Go be the best man you can be.” Gibbs looked confused as Charles and Cat dematerialised in front of him. Only Knight remained. “We’re only a call away, There’s a new phone in your office to reach us” she too dematerialised.

Gibbs was stood alone in Charles’s old office, now empty other than a blue Victorian police phone box.

“Well ****”



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