RCT Council Introduce New Early Intervention and Prevention Family Support Service

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Following a review and remodel of the Teams Around the Family programme (TAF), Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council have launched its new replacement – the Resilient Families Service (RFS).

Similarly to its predecessor, the service will help families to build and develop resistance to deal with challenges they may be facing. Using a resilience-based model, the Resilient Families Service will work with families to prevent them from reaching crisis point and requiring statutory intervention. The creation of the Resilient Families Service will provide the opportunity to deliver swift, effective, consistent and bespoke support to families.

The RFS will be made up of four Teams;

The first is the Assessment, Brokerage and Review Team – this team is responsible for checking to see what level of support a family needs.

The Families Plus (F+) Team will work with families who have complex needs or require significant support for a short period. This team is made up of intervention workers who work with individuals and the family as a whole.

The third team is the Children with Additional Needs Service (CANS) Team and their job is to work with families where a child has physical, mental or learning disabilities and need support because of this. Similarly to the F+ Team, the CANS Team is made up of intervention workers who will work with families to assess what the family needs as a whole and help them find ways of dealing with the difficulties they may be facing.

The fourth team is the Families Team who work to help families before struggles become really challenging. They work to stop things before they get to a crisis point. This team is comprised of RFS workers and intervention workers from two external partners – Barnardos and Action for Children.

For more information on the Resilient Families Service, please contact 01443 744000 or rfs@rctcbc.gov.uk

Referrals can be made to the Service via the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) in the following way:
  • Families can self-refer for Resilient Families Service by phone (01443 425006) or email (childrens.mash@rctcbc.gcsx.gov.uk)
  • Professionals referring families to the Resilient Families Service should send referrals to MASH ( childrens.mash@rctcbc.gcsx.gov.uk) via email using the C1 referral form. Professionals need to have the consent of families to refer. All referrals will be ‘triaged’ by MASH for allocation according to risk/need.  Referrals received by MASH that do not reach Children’s Services threshold but are deemed appropriate for intervention will be allocated to the Resilient Families Service.



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