28th May, Love where You Live Awards

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28th May (Saturday) saw me supporting Pontypridd cluster with the ‘Love where you Live Awards’ in the Pontypridd park. Some young people I know from Glyncoch from when I was working in Pontypridd High asked me to support them on this dateand how could I say no? Well, saying ‘no’ when I think it is a part of my job does not come easy to me, as those of you who know me know all to well (was that a sentence?) so off I trot to the Park on a Saturday, despite the rain bouncing a foot or so off the ground, and the mud was ankle deep due to the constant torrential downpour through the night. Sliding like someone on ice across the mud, arms spinning like windmills, I skidded in to the tent (with help from the First Aid tent staff) and found half of the floor underwater, soaking everything. Sand had not helped, as the water was relentless. I only cheered up by seeing Davros in the opposite tent, along with several Daleks (I loved the Daleks on Dr Who when I was younger, and Davros had always been my favourite!)

The event was amazing. There was a huge Dalek in the middle of the field, made out of soft drink cans, with steps where people could climb and drop in their empty cans. It was being used as a recycle bin! And it was fantastic! Check out my photos. The photos were taken before any public had arrived in the area. Rhys Cycle was there, with info on recycling, recycling bags, and other goodies, and in our tent was a selection of bikes that pupils from Pontypridd High had made out of other bike bits. This project is successful and brilliant in its own right, and TODAY was the day I was allowed to GIVE THEM AWAY! WooHoo!!!!! Thanks to the pupils of Pontypridd High and their hard work with those bikes, many children left our tent very happy with bikes which their parents could not otherwise afford to purchase for them! A big thank you to all of the pupils who were involved with the project, including the school’s key worker Jim! Only children could have the bikes because they were small bikes for children.
The event closed early due to the weather, and no one remained dry.

Thank you all, you have made many young children very happy!!

“Thank you for the bikethis is my first one. I never thought I would have one.” – an under 8 speaking to me at the event after having her bike. Posted with parent permission.

“A fabulous event, shame about the weather,” – a young person who braved the heavy rain and got soaked.


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