5-a-side project @ Hawthorn Leisure Centre. Don’t Miss it!

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Just to let everyone know and give everyone information on Hawthorn’s 5-a-side project which is currently taking place in the Hawthorn Cluster at Hawthorn Leisure Centre every Tuesday 5pm until 6pm. The Football is well attended every week by usually around 12-16 young people from the cluster, and is supervised by myself, Adam Gordon (Hawthorn Cluster), Leon Bansall ( Y Pant Cluster) and Martin Bewick, ASBO Co-ordinator for RCT.

The project has been up-and-running since April 2010 an was then supervised by Stacey Oliver and Lee Taylor. Stemming from this football project, in which the young people were involved in the organising process, there is now a 5 a side “midnight football” night which takes place approximately every three months at Hawthorn High School, the next night being on February 25th at 8pm until 11pm.

This has been a major success and was attended by over 25 young people within the Hawthorn cluster and we hope to have even more on the next occassion, So please, if you are interested in attending either of the football nights, please contact myself, Adam Gordon on 07825675861 or Martin Bewick on 07786523669. We look forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon.

If anyone has already attended, please can you comment below on what you thought.

Keep looking here for Photos from the Games. Coming Soon.


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