5 Seconds Of Summer Heating Up In The UK

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I love music and I’m pretty sure that the majority of you do, too. So, allow me to introduce you to an awesome band from Australia who I think you might very well fall in love with.

5 Seconds of Summer are a four-piece Australian pop-rock band which consists of Luke Hemmings (vocals, guitar), Michael Clifford (guitar, vocals), Calum Hood (bass guitar, vocals) and Ashton Irwin (drums, vocals). They formed back in 2011 when Luke, Michael and Calum, who all attended the same school joined together and started posting videos of themselves performing covers of popular songs to YouTube. Their cover of the Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber hit, ‘Next to You’, received over 600,000 hits. In December 2011, they were joined by drummer Ashton and have since been really popular on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. So popular in fact, that they attracted major music labels and publishers, and have signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing.

Although they had no promotion besides Facebook and Twitter, their first music release, an EP titled ‘Unplugged’, reached number 3 on the iTunes chart in Australia, and achieved Top 20 status in both New Zealand and Sweden. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Louis Tomlinson from One Direction posted the link to their YouTube video of their song ‘Gotta Get Out’, stating that he’d been a fan of 5 Seconds of Summer “for a while”. Not bad that, is it? But it wasn’t just one member of British/Irish phenomenon, One Direction, who became a fan of the Aussie lads, oh no. Niall Horan also jumped on the bandwagon by later posting a link to their single ‘Out Of My Limit’, which was released on 19 November 2012.

In December 2012, The boys embarked on a songwriting trip to London, where they have written with various artists including McFly, Roy Stride of Scouting for Girls, Nick Hodgson of Kaiser Chiefs, Jamie Scott, Jake Gosling, Steve Robson and James Bourne of Busted.

But it wasn’t the end of One Direction’s love of the pop-rock band from down under as they then announced that 5SOS were going to support them on their World Tour this year, on the UK, USA, New Zealand and Australian legs of the tour.

The boys are already proving to be popular in the UK and their fan base is quickly growing. I’m personally a big fan of the boys and not just because One Direction like them (before you start thinking that) and especially love their song, ‘Heartbreak Girl’, which recently hit 1 million views on YouTube. After going to see the Take Me Home World Tour this year, I got to hear 5SOS live and I absolutely loved them and I hope they’ll come back to Wales again, soon.

What do you think of them? Think they’re going to be a massive hit here in the UK? Comment below.

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