5 things you should never do

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5 things you should NEVER do

1) If you got a young kitten that is really overactive, when your sleeping it is NOT a good idea to let the cat sleep in your room unless you want to wake up in the night with the cat having a mad moment sticking her claws in your foot because you moved. PAINFULL! I know from personal experience.

2) Don’t stroke the cute dog that lives by the park in Cwmaman because it don’t seem so cute when it goes loopy and starts to chase you and then you have to stand on the kiddies slide while you wait for it to lose interest in the bag of sweets in your hand and go chase a cat…

3) Time to realise it’s not safe for you to climb into next doors garden to retrieve your football when the neighbors own 2 bull mastiffs the size of horses who are looking at you in a way that looks really scary and starts growling at you, unless you fancy clambering over the fence when the nutty dogs begin to run at you because you look like something tasty to eat!

4) Leave it to your dad to wash the cat when she really hates water and is thinking “she wouldn’t dare if she wants to keep her hand” and hides in the boiler then you end up burning your hand trying to get to the cat.

5) Being in the same room as your dog when he is trying to eat your really annoyed poodles food is not good idea because poodles are nuts when they are angry and you are just standin there watchin the faceoff and at that point you should run.


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