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On the 9th February 2011 the Tynte bus was left outside ‘Greggs’ in Mountain Ash. There were 50 Children waiting nervously on the bus waiting to arrive at school, but what they didn’t know, was they were going to be late for their assembly.

A pupil named Tyler Bevan, quoted “This is so stupid, I want to attend my School Assembly”.
A witness from ‘Greggs’ revealed “They were on the bus for over 15 minutes while the bus driver came in and bought a corned beef pasty.
We asked another pupil who was on the vehicle (who would not like to be mentioned) and they revealed that a young boy known as ‘Toothers’ was going to leave the vehicle, but chickened out at the last minute. 

Eventually all the children made it safe to school by arriving 10 minutes late for their assembly.

We would like to warn all pupils. When getting on a vehicle, behave and do not press any buzzers on a bus.

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