5×60 Girls Empowerment Festival

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Femaleparticipation and empowerment through sport is at the top of the Rhondda CynonTaff 5×60 team’s priorities. Being a team of dedicated sports men and women weare fully aware of how sport has been beneficial and helped shape us into thepeople we are today. We, as a team, believe sport can empower young women leadingto greater aspirations and assist them in achieving more than they thoughtpossible. Our aims are very clear; empower young women through sport, promotepositive perceptions of sport and physical activity, culminating in an increasein female participation and a richer, more rounded lifestyle for the youngwomen of RCT.  

Ouraims, although clear, are not easily achieved. The young women of today arefaced with a culture of peer pressure, stress and uncertainty. The mediaproduces images of models and fashion icons that promote unhealthy lifestylesand unachievable standards through the prolific use of Photoshop andprofessional airbrushing. The 5×60 team wanted to change this and promote ahealthy lifestyle of physical activity and social interaction through sport andtherefore decided to hold an event specifically for the young women of RCT. Theevent was called ‘The 5×60 Girls Empowerment Festival’ which gave young womenfrom every corner of RCT the opportunity to experience sport and physicalactivity in a safe environment, meet inspirational sporting women and learn howa healthy, physically active lifestyle can improve self confidence helping themmeet new friends and grow social networks.

Theevent, held at Y Pant Comprehensive School, allowed the young women to experiencea range of different sporting activities from football and rugby to Zumba fitand street dance. Through strong links with Us Girls, Creazione Dance Company,the WRU, L’Oreal, and the RCT Young Ambassadors we were able to provide a platform for the young women to voicetheir opinion on sport and what can be done to encourage more to becomephysically active. 

Theevent was a success, attracting young women from a variety of differentbackgrounds with a range of abilities. The feedback received by the 5x60officers and partners was positive yet constructive yielding a number ofexcellent suggestions on how to improve engagement and participation withinRCT.

Theempowerment of women, equality in sport and improved female participation isthe bedrock upon which the 5×60 team of Rhondda Cynon Taff County BoroughCouncil will build its legacy. 

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