“A fair deal for all our children”

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By Hannah Griffiths
Member of the editorial team WICID

Fairness was the message from the Welsh Liberal Democrats at their Autumn Conference in Swansea.

Education, a fair start for our children was at the heart of their policies.

Conference noted that the education system in Wales is deeply unfair and that life chances depend too much on family background and therefore endorses the party’s plans to make the education system in Wales fairer and to scrap tuition fees.

Nick Clegg Leader of the Liberal Democrats attended the conference on Saturday morning said “Labour has failed to deliver fairness over thirteen years in government, the Conservatives would never deliver it, Plaid can’t deliver it. The Liberal Democrats can”

Kirsty Williams AM Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats echoed this by saying”I think when people hear our messages on fair taxes, on a fair start for their children, on cleaning up politics – I think they’ll respond to that”

Conference looks forward to the General Election in Wales with confidence and ambitions because Labour Government has failed, the Conservatives would cause further damage, and Plaid Cymru is irrelevant in the House of Commons.

The Liberal Democrats offer the people of Wales solutions which are rooted in strong social values and shaped by practicality.

If the Liberal Democrats win in the General election they have said that they WILL NOT tax people on the first £10,000 they urn.

“A fair deal for all our children” will effect the next generation of Wales if the Liberal Democrats win in the General election.

From someone who is from the so-called “Blair generation” this policy is a storm that will tear through the injustice that has festered for far too long.

In my opinion you should not be imprisoned by your poverty, make no mistake there are children through out Wales crying out for a better world to live in. A future that is bright and hopeful, a world where they do not have to struggle just to stand within touching distance of the rich.

This policy would reach out to those who want to succeed in life but are imprisoned by their poverty means that they can do what they wish to do in the future.


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