A Little Witch

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A few years age there was a new witch born her name was Danni. She had the power of water and fire. The village that she was born in was called moon light. The village of moon light had the water that Witches live beneath.

Two years later there was an up roar in Moonlight because they learnt that Danni had the power of fire. All the people were scared of her because they all had the power of water. In the prophecy it said that a girl with the power of fire would be the new queen of the land. The king had said “If a girl is born with power of fire she is to be killed”. The Parents of Danni were scared for their daughters being killed. So they sent her to stay with an old lady.
Nineteen years later she had grown up. She had hair with yellow and brown streaks in it and it was five days after her nineteenth birthday. She was told about her mum and dad and the powers that she had. Danni said to the old lady “it is time for me to go back to the village of Moonlight.” The old lady said ” no you can’t go there any more, the king killed everyone in all the villages trying to find you”. Danni was mad when she heard this, so she went to the castle to take the crown and to this day the witch Danni is the queen of the land and her people live in peace and harmony.

The End

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  1. Toriabeth! says:

    I love your stories! If you developed this, and made it longer it could be published. You have brilliant ideas! 😀

  2. luna light says:

    ok i will have a triy

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