A Night to Remember

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One night my friends and I had a sleepover. There was me, Heather, Jordan, Macaulay, Angharad and Rebecca. Rebecca went to the toilet with Jordan because she didn’t want to go on her own, and all you heard was screaming and shouting for help. By the time me and Heather and Angharad got upstairs they were both dead. We all felt sorry for them and we were scared as well.

“Who killed them?” Heather said.

We went down stairs and phoned the police and watched another movie without them. Angharad went out the garage and then we heard another scream, so we split up, me and Macaulay went up stairs and Heather and Bethany went out the garage. So when me and Macaulay went upstairs, Jordan was gone, so we rang the girls saying Jordan had disappeared, and the girls said that Jordan was outside and Angharad was dead on the floor. We stayed inside, Bethany had to stay outside and make a phone call, and Heather came in with us.

We heard screaming again and Bethany had an axe in her head, she was dead. We all screamed and guess who was behind her Jordan, alive! He had killed her!

Suddenly, we all woke up and said

“I had a weird dream” but we all had the same dream.

The next day Angharad and Rebecca died of a heart attack, we promised them that when they died we would go to the grave every day.


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