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I wrote a poem purely based on Wicid for National Poetry Day. I hope you enjoy it, I wrote it in a rush, so don’t expect much. It may be cheesy, but cheese is good, or at least it has to be, because when people say “cheese” they smile.

This is a poem for wicid.tv
and for the record, it was written by me.
I hope it doesn’t sound too much like a plea,
but I hope you all agree,
when I say Wicid is the place to be.
You should come and see.
See for yourself,
how you can creatively express,
how you feel about chess,
or even the way people judge how you dress.
Wicid is a place for you to share your distress,
and see yourself progress.

The website is designed for you,
but better yet,
it’s designed by you too.
If you’re looking for something to do,
or even something to inspire you.
Then this is the place for you.
You can write a review, or do an interview,
You could share a video, or a photo or two.
An article is always waiting to be written.
You could write about a kitten,
or maybe even Britain.
Your ideas are never better unwritten.
It’s up to you, write about what inspires you.

Everyone involved are really good friends,
Everyone lends each other pens,
and sometimes we drive each other around the bend
but we’re all supportive of everyone in the end.
Bullies you say? There are none here.
They’re not welcome,
because all we want,
is to do what we love,
and have some fun.
I declare this poem,

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem on this National Poetry Day.

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