A Poem I Wrote For Mental Health Awareness Week

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This is a poem I wrote for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness is important to me. I want to help open societies eyes, to a world beyond stereotypes.

Define Madness

Mental health issues,
When you hear it, what do you think?
Do you think of…
Someone who should be referred to a shrink?
Or someone who’s missing a link?

Let me just let you in on a secret…
Not everything in this world is as simple as you think.
Let’s stop a minute, reconsider and rethink.

Do you see that girl with her arm up high in the air,
Ready to answer the teachers questions about π squared.
She swings on her chair, twirling her hair.
“Teachers pet,” they sneer.
But little did they know, that the girl had something she would never share.
As she swung on her chair, and twirled her hair,
The sleeve of her jumper showed her skin, bare.
All the struggles she faced were all marked there,
Did anyone even care?

What about that boy you pass on your way to work,
He avoids your gaze, shuffles by with nothing but a fleeting smile,
There never was a “Hi,” or a “Bye”
You never wondered why,
You assumed he was rude.
Truth is he’s fighting an inner feud,
That controls his every mood.
His mind is worrying about every move.
But really he has nothing he needs to prove.

Next time you consider the words,
Mental, health, issues.
Please don’t take on a superficial view.
Not everything is as it seems.
Everyone has different issues,
Different struggles, different ambitions,
Different schemes and different dreams.
That doesn’t make them any less human than you.
Remember that, because it’s as true
as the fact, that the sky is blue.

Sometimes there’s nothing more mental than society.
Sometimes it’s the most accurate definition of impropriety. 

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