A Poem Inspired By Halloween

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Hello, it’s me again, ManicMinion,
And this year I’ve been bitten by the Haunted Halloween Vibe.
I know this post is a little late,
And Halloween has both been and gone for this year,
But I thought “Hey, you can never be too late!”

I hope you all had a really frightful night. My Halloween wasn’t all that entertaining, but I did watch the Corpse Bride and took care of my sweet tooth. So, overall, I would say it was a successful night. As I mentioned above I’ve been bitten by the Haunted Halloween vibe, Halloween really got me feeling creative this busy half term. So here’s another poem I wrote to add to my collection.

This is becoming a ‘thing’ of mine, now. Sharing my dribble-drabble poetry with you all.

But, like I said, I hope you all had an awesome Halloween, and here’s the Halloween themed poem I wrote.

It is the end of October,
They sit inside,
Cuddled up watching Corpse Bride.
They ignore the knocks at the door,
As they hear Scraps bark, and watch him roll across the floor.
There’s orange flames blazing in the fireplace,
Hot chocolate passing their lips,
Melting their insides until they feel warmer.
This cold night marks the farewell of October.

But outside we notice,
There are pumpkins glowing in almost every window,
People dressed up as the black widow.
Old bedsheets are thrown over heads,
As people swat at the glimmering spiderwebs.
They’ve cut two big holes, for the eyes that stare into souls.

It’s a dark night,
Designed to cause a fright,
As everyone perfects their vampire bite.
Sharpening their fangs, chomping at toffee apples,
and latching onto the bobbing Pink Lady, and gripping it tight.

On this dark and frightful night,
Ghoulish lanterns are the only light.
People gather around the streets,
On spooky adventures, collecting treats.
They’re not going home, without a handful of sweets.

But don’t forget, tonight,
Wherever you are,
To look up at the moon,
That’s burning bright,
Way up high in the dark night sky.
And notice how the creatures fly.
Did you blink and miss that bat flutter by?
Or maybe it’s a cackling witch? Oh my…
You never know it could always be my deceiving eye.
But despite that, tonight I wish I had a broom to fly,
So I could swoop, way up high, in the dark night sky.

Because on October the 31st the darkness comes alive.

Happy Halloween!
(p.s Be careful not to be turned green)

I hope you all had a very Happy Halloween.
And that’s all from me, right now.

Image: turtletechie

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