A Taste of University life! (Part 1)

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Pupils from Ferndale community school are getting the fantastic opportunity to have a taster of the University life through a University and comprehensive school project.

I have the opportunity to take part in this fantastic project due to my photography.
All the rest of the students are just top-educated so obviously, i just got lucky!

The project aims to create a link between the university and the school which will be the first in Wales!
We will be visiting Cardiff university and also some other places as the ‘theme’ of the project is digital media.
We have only recently started the project so i am just going to introduce it, I think I’m gonna do an ‘update’ half way through and tell you all about it at the end.

The project is being co-ordinated by Dr. Ian Jones from the University and Lisa Barry from Ferndale School.

We have Louise who is coming in to help us improve on our digital media skills and are also planning on a trip down to the new BBC drama studio ‘ Roath Lock’
where they are going to film 3 dramas, Casualty, Pobl-y-Cwm and Doctor Who.

Now, this week our first task was to… wait for it… Spell our name!

Now you may be thinking, “why the hell would they set a task like that to a bunch of brainy people and Liam?!”

Well it’s not as easy as you think, You have to film/take a photo of a object(s) that have the letter of your name in it.

For example, the letter ‘L’ could be one side and the bottom of a door.
Try it yourself sometime, go around your house spelling your name through typical house items.

Keep tuned for Part two coming very soon…


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