A Taste of University life! (Part 2)

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Referring to the last article, have you tried spelling your name out of normal-life items?

Not as easy as you thought was it!

Ok anyway, at 9 o’clock on the 5th March we took a visit to the University. We to Porth train station and caught the bus.
If you are paying attention you would have found the purpose mistake in that little bit just then.
Did you see it? Yeah, I know your looking back for it!!

Anyway, we caught the train down and had to take photos on the way down which made me notice the difference in what R.C.T looks like compared to Cardiff.

By god there’s a difference!!

In Cardiff, everything’s all done up nice and tidy and no waste lands anywhere or anything like that, all nice and tidy. But down the valleys it’s a different story. I know this is obviously because Cardiff’s the capital of Wales and tourists go there blah, blah, blah.
But how does it make you feel?

That’s your next mission, take photos from where you live on your way to Cardiff and upload them onto your computer and look at the difference. I have put my two examples on the right.

When we arrived in Cardiff we were met by Dr Ian and Abu who took us to the university, they took us straight into the social science part.
Now I’m no scientist ok, so this bit may not make any sense to you. If you came on this trip please comment what actually happened below.

Two students and another Dr. were working on an instrument which does something with Catalysts. It lets them look into them and research things about them as nobody in the world knows how they actually work.
If you don’t know what Catalysts are google it. I didn’t know either.

After we had an introduction to that part we made our way through to the reception area where we had a group photo (shown right), we then had another talked and got told our ‘official name’ for our group was to be ‘Ferndale Community schools youth forum!’

What an exiting name!

We then went across from the university to the student union. Where the students spend their leisure time.
If you are put off with all the ‘working hard’ thing that you supposedly do in uni, let me tell you this. You could live a life there better than a life outside of uni!

There are pubs, clubs, cafes and Cinemas. Which lead me onto my next bit, after a little tour of the student union we went to their Cinema/theatre.

Big place, brand new and also a part which is pentagon shaped! We had a tour of the place and it does actually look really cool!!

We then went the engineering part of the university, where they were making a go-kart type thing.

They were actually making it to race other universities around the world in!
If you fancy a go at doing all that stuff, again look towards going to university, it doesn’t seem as the rumours say!

We then went and had a mcdonalds because we were obviously hungry. (Why else would you go mcdonalds?)

Then back to the university where Ian had to leave us and boxer/chef Abu took over.
He showed us a questionnaire which the university students made and showed us how it’s lead out to make the people doing it. I actually complete it instead of quitting half way through because of how boring the questions are laid out.

Sliders, sad and happy faces, picture-dragging and more were all included!
Obviously to research something in the community, the best thing to start doing is to get the communities views. That’s why I’m on about questionnaires.

We then had to leave for the train back home, which brings me to the end of the projects 2nd part.

Don’t forget your next mission!

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