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A true friend is someone you can completely be yourself around.
Someone you can look out for, And know they will look out for you.
A good friend is someone you can trust with your life.
Is someone you can love and tell anything to.
Someone who doesn’t care about what you don’t and doesn’t get embarrassed by what you do.
A true friend is someone you can express everything to, and never have to keep secrets.
A true friend will never try to come in between you and anyone else.
A true friend knows when you are truly hurting and needs help.
A true friend doesn’t force you to feel you have to be funny all the time.
A true friend is someone that loves you for you, not for what you look like, or what other people think of you.
A true friend thinks about how you feel when you are with other people.
A true friend is someone that is full of encouragement.
A true friend is not afraid to tell you something if they feel it.
A true friend has no secrets and expects none.
A true friend steals your clothes.
A true friend doesn’t take jokes too far.
A true friend doesn’t follow the crowd, and are happy to stick out like a sore thumb with you.
A true friend teases you about the things you don’t mind.
A true friend knows when you need them to act appropriately.
A true friend doesn’t intimidate you.
A true friend doesn’t hate you for the other friends you have.
A true friend is happy to do what you want to do.
A true friend doesn’t judge you.
A true friend will stick by you always no matter their views.
Basically, a “true friend” means the ability to be able to accept.
I love all my TRUE friends.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    Awwh, Em, that’s lovely! I love my true friends, too! x x x x

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