A Very Special Little Girl

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It’s been almost four years ago that I met the most special little girl, who is my niece, Willow-Jade.

When my sister told me I’d be an auntie for the second time I was over the moon – but little did I know this beautiful little girl came with complications.

Willow was born on 22/11/2011. She was born five weeks early, when she was born she was put straight on to life-support due to falling to sleep heavily and not being able to breath on her own. Doctors had to fit a trackie (ventilator) into the base of her throat to keep her breathing.

At four weeks old, doctors told my sister and brother-in-law that it would be unfair to keep Willow on life support because she wouldn’t have a good quality of life. Doctors told them it would be best to turn the machine off but my sister refused.

As months went by, doctors couldn’t believe how Willow has turned out. Doctors have named her condition as Nager Syndrome.

This means that Willow lives day by day, being monitored with a Sats machine and on a ventilation system.

Three years old and Willow has proved all the doctors wrong; she is in full-time school and is one happy little girl. She has the same quality of life like the rest of us – only with ventilation. Willow has started taking her first steps in the walker and loves looking at herself in mirrors!

The people that know about Willow will know how proud my family and I are to have such a happy little girl and my sister and brother in-law couldn’t have got by without the help of the charity Ty Hafan for the respite they provide for them to have some time to themselves.

If you would like to help children like Willow then please make a donation to Ty Hafan.

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