A Youth Worker in Lockdown

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A Poem by our Youth Engagement and Progression Officer – Cheryl Fereday

A youth worker in lock down..

Wow, this is all so very different, lots to learn but I’m no quitter
I now know how to connect with people on facebook, Instagram & twitter.
I miss seeing my young people and having a good old natter,
Listening to the good things, the problems, things that really matter.

We now have to catch up by phone, facetime or text,
I just want to set a date when I can physically meet them next,
We know we can’t be together or in the same room,
So we meet at 6pm each week and do youth club live on zoom.

It is so very different doing youth work now online,
But we have to remember it’s not for ever, and it really will be fine,
Talk with our friends, set routines and try to stay in touch,
We won’t always get it right but don’t worry about that too much.

We don’t have all the answers it is still a mystery,
And we should take great pride that we are making history.
We are thankful for the little things, for family and for friends,
So get planning for a different future when this craziness all ends…

Stay Safe, Stay Positive & Stay Connected xx


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