Action Camp Residential

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During the summer 26 Young People from the Blaengwarwr Cluster Area attended the Action Camp residential based in Kiln Park Tenby.

The young people had a fantastic time with many new friendships were formed between young people from the different areas in the cluster, but not only was there a great time had, the young people also got to learn about some of the major issues facing our planet today such as carbon emissions and recycling, they were also introduced to E.S.D.G.C. with stands for Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship, yes a mouthful I know but all of the young people could remember this by the end of the 3 days!! (And yes they were tested on it!!), they were also throughout the weekend taught about healthy living and eating and encouraged to eat their five A day and exercise for 60 minuets whilst on camp, and then to carry on with this healthy lifestyle when the returned home.

And for all their hard work, effort and for the learning that took place the young people also gained an ASDAN qualification.


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