Afghan Suicide Bomber Attacks Military Bus In Kabul

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On July 2nd, a suicide bomber killed at least 8 military officers in Afghanistan’s capital city, Kabul, in the latest strike against security forces there. This was on an Air Force bus. 13 people – including civilians – were wounded near Kabul University in the west of the city.

The Taliban had carried out the attack, this comes after a run-off vote. This vote is to find a successor to President Hamid Karzai.

An eyewitness, Abdul Kavir, said: “I heard a huge explosion, after that I saw smoke and dust covering the area.”

Last month, the presidential candidate Abdullah had survived an attack, but sadly 6 people were killed.

NATO’s combat force of 50,000 will depart Afghanistan by December, but around 10,000 US troops may stay there until 2015 if the new Afghan president signs a security deal with America.

Recently, there’s been fierce fighting in the southern province of Helmand, with the Afghanistan army and the police managing to counter-attack after a major offensive by 800 Taliban fighters focused on the district of Sangin.

Afghanistan is still waiting for results from the election.

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