After Care – A First Hand Experience

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What does ‘aftercare‘ include? Well, in thisarticle I’m going to give you a first hand experience of what it’s like.

The word ‘aftercare’ basically says it all -it’s the support you get after you leave care. You remain associated with aftercare until you reach the age of 21; you can still get support until that age in numerous ways, as I will now bullet point each support you may receive.

* Money – You may receive 57 pounds per week if you have movedinto.your own place before the age of 18 (the average age of someone leavingcare to be independent living with after care is 18, then you stop havingsupport when you turn 21). If you live independently over the age of 18, you’re expected to earn your own money via college, training or work. Although,emergency money is available if times get tough, but this isn’t a regularoption as they only do this if you have literally no other options.

* Moving into independent care/supported accommodation – Your after worker and a support worker will assist you when moving intoindependent living or supported accommodation, by giving you a budget for living items (TV, bed, cooker, etc). The after care or support workerwill come with you to buy these items, and assist you moving them into yourindependent home.

* Other – you may receive other support for things likeapplying for work or training, assisting you with your theory and driving test(first driving theory and driving test only). They will also pay for the sameamount of driving lessons as you do. Further support is, as and when you needit.

I can honestly tell you that this information is correctas I have experienced it myself first hand.

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