Aftermidnight – EP: ‘The Luminous’ Review

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Aftermidnight are a four-piece from the state of the midwest cities of Oklahoma, Tulsa. They began as a solo project in early 2011. The band are unsigned with four talented musicians, who are, Ashkan Karimi (vox, guitar) , Austin Donoho (electric guitar), Patrick O’Meilia (bass guitar) and Ben Blount (drums, keys, bgv).

Their influences are, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, U2, Switchfoot, Coldplay, OneRepublic and many more!

Aftermidnight have just released their first 4 track EP called The Luminous with all four songs covering four different types of music genres which fit into rock, soft rock, alternative and folk.

Let’s start off by looking at their first track on the EP which is ‘Luminous’. The track starts off in silence for the first 5 seconds of the track then a slow guitar riff builds up the song with some backing vocals behind the riff and then the songs kicks in with the percussion and lead vocals. This track is more of a soft rock genre type song with the upbeat tone and pace of the song giving it a soft rock feel.

Following track one their second track, ‘Moonlight ‘, uses a similar kind of intro to track one. It has more of a beat to the songs which makes the lyrics fit alongside the backing vocals and bass guitar. ‘Moonlight’ has a good use of percussion fills in verses which then leads to a build up giving it more of a rock and alternative genre feel of music.

Onto track three which is called ‘Scales’. It starts off with a guitar feedback followed by a semi-quavered percussion beat building up with a bass rhythm behind, overlapped with the vocals. Listening to this songs makes me feel like I wanna just get up and dance, with its fast paced beats and wicked guitar riffs. In my opinion, this track kind of fits into the rock genre of music with a hint of alternative.

And finally, the last track of the EP is ‘The Rope’ which once again starts with a percussion intro followed by the vocals and bass. Throughout the song you can constantly hear a number of bass guitar riffs and percussion fills which really fit in and really make the song.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP, it has a good range of music genres which these days many bands don’t have. Throughout the whole EP my least favourite track has to be track one, ‘Luminous’, because the intro doesn’t fit in with the rest of the song and there’s too much silence at the intro. But I really enjoyed listening to track three, ‘Scales ’, because of the lovely bit of guitar feedback and the song just making me wanna get up and dance.

To conclude, I highly recommend people checking out their EP which is available on the links below and checking out some of their other music. I rate this EP by Aftermidnight a 9 out of 10.

Find Aftermidnight on the links below:


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