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I am writing an article on the air cadets youth programme.  As a cadet myself I really enjoy it and would like to share what we do with all the young people on First off there’s first parade.  All of the cadets line up until a corporal or flight sergeant does a short drill.  After we’ve paid 50p for the session, we either train for first class (First class is entry training to help young people prepare for Air force service)  or do something like map reading.  Then it’s break time, when we have a chill and buy a drink or something to eat.  Next we will either do more first class, or go on the flight simulator or air traffic control. Finally we are called in for final parade, which is the same as the first, but the flight lieutenant tells us what we’re doing next time.

There are also camps, these are going on in the school holidays. In camp, the are a variety of activities. Such as shooting, flying, gliding and so on. In the summer, we usually go outside and do some field training and adventure training.

For more information on Air Cadets click here.

If you are an Air Cadet or are interested in becoming one, why not comment below – Wicid Ed


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