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I went into Aladdin with zero expectations and came out happy to be heading home.


I  thought some visuals were beautiful. Guy Ritchie is known for impressive visuals and this one is another one which he has done well. It’s a nice film to watch from its costume design to the scenery, it’s pleasing on the eyes.

Naomi Scotts does a fine job portraying Jasmine, it was a pleasant surprise as I wasn’t familiar with her previous work but be assured she now has an extra fan. She is beautiful, a good singer and mostly carries the movie whenever she’s on screen.

The big talking point for me is Will Smith, I have mixed feelings… I’ve heard a lot of people say he was the highlight and others have said he was terrible but I’m on the fence. At times he brings charisma to the role making Genie his own (I not going to compare him to Robin Williams) and he is quite fun to start off with but then he becomes… a bit annoying.

You get the typical steady Will Smith performance, on a positive note though, I did like his singing.

Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Mena Massoud as Aladdin


The cast didn’t do great in my opinion except from the two I mentioned above. They gave bland and flat performances which doesn’t help a quite energetic movie like this. He cast included Mena Massoud, Marwan Kenzari, Navid Negahban, Nasim Pedrad and Frank Welker.

I’m most disappointed in Mena Massoud, he’s suppose to be the star, he’s Aladdin aka The Thief and he falls flat.

I hated Jafar! Marwan Kenzari was miscast, he did a very bad job at creating any tension and tried a bit too hard to copy the original. It starts rough and you have to have prior knowledge of Aladdin to understand what’s happening otherwise you’ll just get confused from the off.

The editing was awful and some of the transitions felt out of place. To be honest it was Taken 3 fence jump level editing (please take a moment o Youtube this, enjoy).

As it has a runtime of 128 minutes compared to the animation version which has a runtime of 90 minutes, the story becomes stretched out which makes it boring, it caused me to doze off a couple of times.

The characters were badly written. What makes the animated version of Aladdin so loved for me is the characters and the songs, the characters are highly likeable and here they’re so uninteresting.

The songs get ruined by terrible CGI and obvious autotune. I felt like not one cast member had any chemistry. Smith and Massoud looked like they weren’t particularly enjoying themselves, Scott and Massoud didn’t really have that on screen chemistry we all wanted!

The Genie… how could you ruin The Genie. It looked just odd and Will Smith doesn’t help either, all felt out of place. I’m debating whether or not I enjoyed Dumbo more or less as that’s a terrible Disney love-action movie also.


Aladdin is the flattest, most uninteresting and unnecessary Disney remake. It didn’t put a smile on my face once and that upsets me.


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