Album Review: Dinosaur Pile Up – Nature Nurture

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Editor’s Note: The video within this article contains some strong language.

I had the chance to review the album ‘Nature Nurture’ by Dinosaur Pile Up. This was a great experience for me as I’m quite into them already, but they have exceeded my expectations amazingly since their last album, ‘Growing Pains’.

I found their last album expressed a lot of raw emotion, which is suggested by the title. It’s all about the struggle Matt Bigland has. He finds himself doing a lot of things alone, and questions whether or not that should change, or if that’s the way he’s meant to be. However, in their latest debut album, ‘Nature Nurture’, Dinosaur Pile Up explore some new territory. It’s all about ‘feeling the music‘ and coming away with a lesson.

I feel like I can connect to the songs as I listen to the album, especially the song ‘White T-shirt and Jeans’ and ‘Summer Girl’.

Matt says: “This time, I saw everything on a bigger scale. I wanted people to connect with the songs, but not from my bedroom wall to their grubby disco. I imagined kids losing their s*** on a massive scale, all feeling the same thing at once.”

When listening to this album, you can definitely feel the music. They are a grunge band, with a raw edge. I enjoy listening to their music and I feel good when I do.

If you’re into grunge I would definitely suggest you take a listen to this.

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