Album Review: Professor Green – Growing Up In Public

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Stephen Paul Manderson, or asyou probably know him better: Professor Green, has been knockingaround the block for a number of years and has had two previous albums – Alive Till I’m Dead and At Your Inconvenience. But now, he’sback and this time he’s brought an outstanding album slammed fullof potential smash hits including – ‘Lullaby’ (Ft Tori Kelly), ‘LittleSecrets’ (Ft Mr Probz), and my personal favourite ‘Name In Lights’(Ft Rizzle Kicks).

Ten songs complete the album and with six other artists featuring, it’sgoing to be the must-buy album of 2014. Drugs, depression and death werethe inspiration for the new album, which he’s been able to channel all ofhis thoughts and feelings into.

This is an album that could relate to many people. In a recentinterview, Professor Green said the following about depression: “It’s about going through all that and then giving it a chanceto come out the other side. The unfortunate thing with depressionis when people don’t give it a chance to change. The phrase is, ‘It’s a permanentdecision for a temporary problem.’

“I suffer depression, then having hadto deal with the fact that my father committed suicide and finding out that twoyears prior – I hadn’t seen my dad for six years – his last remainingbrother had committed suicide by hanging himself…”

Having dealt with problems such asthese, we have been graced with a new album full of inspirationaland relevant music from Professor Green.

Which song is your favourite? Whichsong can you relate to the most? Let us know below and enjoy.

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