Alcohol Concern Youth Policy – Alcohol Ads and You

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Alcohol Concern Youth Policy – Alcohol Ads and You

The Alcohol Concern Youth Policy survey ‘Alcohol Ads and You’ aims to find out what young people think about their exposure to alcohol advertising. In the UK alone, alcohol companies spend over £800 million each year on promoting drinking. Under existing rules young people under 18-years-old should be protected from seeing most of these campaigns, but many studies show this isn’t always the case. We want to put the voice of young people at the heart of the debate about alcohol marketing in our society. So, with your help we’d like to capture the views of as many under-18 young people as possible.

We would really appreciate it if you could fill in the attached survey, and pass it on to any of your friends to fill in or anyone who you think may be interested. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and it may be a good vehicle for raising alcohol issues with young people. Young people can complete the survey by visiting Survey Monkey or by following the links on the Youth Policy website, or by filling in the interactive PDF and returning it by email. Alternatively, you can print and send it by post to the address below.

There are 5 x £50 vouchers to be won and the deadline is 29 May 2011.

In light of the recent Private Member’s Bill to limit alcohol advertising, now is the time to discuss the relationship between alcohol advertising, young people and our inherent drinking culture. As such, we would also welcome any comments you might have on the matter, so please feel free to email me directly or send your observations/remarks to

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