Alcohol, how I hate thee

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Alcohol, you may not be able to speak,
But you control what words
Come out of people’s minds,
You’re an evil substance, you ruin lives 
I daren’t associate you with mine.
Oh, how you act as an innocent drink,
But you mess with people’s minds,
Control what they think,
You have caught many people in your 
Stupid, horrific trap,
Though you won’t catch me, no,
I shall never fall for that.
You may have taken my friends away,
Turned them into someone else,
I wish I could bring them back,
But alas, you are too strong for me.
People see you as a confidence booster,
Something to socialise with,
I see you as a life shortener 
You ruin people’s chances.
So many lives you have taken,
I wish were non existent,
How simpler life could be, 
If you were to vanish from this earth,
Alcohol, how I hate thee.

12 thoughts on “Alcohol, how I hate thee”

  1. Rhysins says:

    Really liked this article, but I feel as though all the blame is placed on the substance. Dont get me wrong, Alcohol can bring out the worst in people, I’ve known this for 12 years of my life (19 now by the way).
    However its not exactly the alcohol’s fault, more like the people who drink the stuff. I mean sure the stuff in on the shelves, but its the people who buy the stuff, drink it, and face the consequences for it. So it’s more like a 50/50 blame for alcohol/people.

  2. Ollys_Direction says:

    Thanks both. And Rhys, if it never did exist, then there wouldn’t be a problem. I know people’s actions should be to blame for but their actions wouldn’t be there if it never did exist. Its because it’s killed people I know that I blame the alcohol…

  3. Tyvott Yb Knivvott says:

    No matter how you argue against it, we need alcohol to survive. How many different medicines have alcohol in it, for legit reasons?

    It was always there, to be found. It’s a basic element in chemistry. Just because some people abuse it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. People abuse sex, drugs, and a variety of other things, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t exist either.

    I’ve said this before, I may be teetotal, but I have no qualms with others drinking, as long as they respect my want to not drink the same as their want to drink. Why can’t that be the same with other people?

  4. Ollys_Direction says:

    When I say it shouldn’t exist, I mean as in the alcohol drink.

  5. BethanTheBarmy says:

    I don’t really agree with this. As Tyvott said, alcohol isn’t evil just because some people abuse it. To say that alcohol ruins lives is to say that knives stab people. We’re to blame if we abuse substances, and it is possible to enjoy drinking without taking it over the top.

    In reality, only a small percentage of people who drink alcohol are alcoholics.

  6. Ollys_Direction says:

    My comment cut off. Great.

    Yeah, but the thing is, the poem is written from my view after seeing what it has done to my family. What it has caused. It’s not meant to be taken as if it’s the only opinion in the world.

    Say now, a boss fires someone’s father because of something, and then the family gets into debt, they lose their house,etc, well then the children/family may blame the boss for firing the dad when it may not be the bosses fault, it could be the,fathers for being in the wrong.

    Not saying that this has anything to do with bosses but like its an example that the kids may see the boss as evil, yeah? Well that’s alcohol to me. In my opinion, after it being a killer of a family member and wrecking my friends’ lives and all that, of course I’m going to want it to be non existant and of course I’m going to hate it.

    It’s just a poem I wrote with anger because of its effect on my life. It doesn’t mean anything but the fact that I personally hate it for what it has caused.

    I know I’ll probably be called “attention seeker” for this, but right now, my family are going through living hell thanks to the stuff. I know it didn’t jump into someone’s mouth and do it all itself, but it played a big part in the situation, didn’t it?

    Bottom line is, I see alcohol as how I wrote the poem because of the effect it has had on my life. Someone else may love the stuff because it’s done nothing but good for them. So if that’s their point of view, then fair enough.

  7. Ollys_Direction says:

    Okay, I don’t want a big debate over this. After all, I only wrote this when I was really upset. So after this comment, please can we just agree to disagree? I mean, not everyone will see the same side as someone else.

    All I’m going to say is why I wrote the poem and why I see it as what I’ve said…

    I wrote this at 2 am when my uncle (I may as well say now) was rushed into hospital. @TWLOHA is right about me being “blinded” and blaming the alcohol. I know it’s not ALL the alcohol’s fault, but obviously I want to blame that and not my uncle because he hasn’t got long left. And alcohol is everywhere in my life now. I’m losing my friends to it (well my old ones at least) and I don’t want to take my anger out on anyone so I take it out on the alcohol.

    There was a lot going through my mind at the time and so I wanted to write about it. A friend of mine read this and told me to upload it, so I did.

    But yeah, can we just agree to disagree? It seems as if some people are taking things the wrong way here and to be honest, it’s very easy to do online. My mother’s always saying that you can’t read a person’s expression online. And besides, I won’t be able to comment after today- training for Race for Life! Wish me luck!

  8. Ollys_Direction says:

    I didn’t think you thought my opinion was wrong, TWLOHA did.

    But my uncle KNOWS what I think. We have argued and everything. Maybe if you guys knew the full story, it would make more sense as to why I wrote it, but I feel like it would be unfair if I did share the story.

    I blamed the alcohol because I was so frustrated and I didn’t want to blame him. He knows fully well he is one and he said he wants to stay one. But because of the circumstances and recent events, I didn’t want to blame him. He is so ill and I just wanted to take it out on something.

    I’m not having a go if it seems like it, by the way. It’s just that’s why I wrote it and I know at its not only the alcohols fault, but when you’re in a state like this, sometimes you blame anything but the person. My gran is blaming the people who have had a bad impact on his life. It’s just sometimes how people grieve. This was my way of grieving.

  9. Tyvott Yb Knivvott says:

    I don’t inderstand why we should leave it. Nothing insulting has been said. It’s a discussion.

    “I blamed the alcohol because I was so frustrated and I didn’t want to blame him. He knows fully well he is one and he said he wants to stay one. But because of the circumstances and recent events, I didn’t want to blame him. He is so ill and I just wanted to take it out on something.”

    Isn’t blaming the drink for what it has made someone just as bad as someone abusing alcohol? Same goes for drugs too.

    With my father, he used alcohol to escape whatever (I still don’t know to this day why he turned to drink). If I blamed the drink when I realised he was a drunk, I’d be using alcohol to escape the truth, that my father was solely to blame. Not the person serving him the drinks, not the person who pays his wage, him and him alone.

    Probably an unliked opinion, but it makes sense to me.

  10. Ollys_Direction says:

    I don’t think that you can see what I mean. My feelings and emotions took over me. And none of you are being insulting but it’s just I don’t want this going on and on and on because the more I talk about this now, it’s making me frustrated because of what is actually going on.

  11. Tyvott Yb Knivvott says:

    There’s a difference between trying to change someone’s mindset and trying to understand it better.

    The latter is what I was trying to do.

    I understand that every experience is different, all I was saying that it doesn’t make sense to me blaming the drink when it’s a person that’s pouring it down their throats, no matter how hard of a fact that is to understand.

  12. Ollys_Direction says:

    @Tyvott Yeah, I know that it’s his fault, too, but this poem is from my view when I was so upset and I didn’t want to blame him, but I wanted to blame the alcohol.

    Haven’t you ever been in a position where something is so painfully upsetting that you have been blinded to only blame a part of the problem and not the part that matters to you/ you care about? Because even if you haven’t, others have. I know you supposedly cannot see what I’m on about, but others can.

    Please, can we leave this now? Things are taking a turn for the worst at the moment and I just want to leave this alone and to tell the truth, I thought we had left this behind.

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