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You are not alone

In Wales 48,738 domestic abuse incidents were
reported to the Police in 2010/11. In total there may have actually been over 304,000 offences as
domestic abuse is hugely under-reported.
Over 11 million adults have experienced some form
of child or adult sexual abuse or violence.
There were more than 14,000 rapes reported to the Police in 2010 (an increase of 5% on 2009).

If you have experienced domestic abuse or sexual
violence, or you know or suspect someone who is, we
are ALWAYS here for you.

All victims of abuse have the right to be safe. Callers to the All

Wales Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Helpline are guaranteed a friendly welcome and can discuss their concerns confidentially. We won’t judge you, or blame you, but instead our skilled Helpline
staff offer a professional service and will understand what you are experiencing.

We provide information on the following services in your area, designed to support, protect and help make you safe:

Emergency Accommodation
Welfare and Benefits Rights
Housing Issues
Legal Issues
Child Welfare
Perpetrator Programmes
Sexual Assault Referral Centres (SARCs)

We are ALWAYS here for you
24 hours a day every day

whenever you need us
0808 80 10 800

Adult Leaflet

Helpline Adult Leaflet for Web.pdf
Helpline Child Leaflet for Web.pdf
Helpline Poster English for Web.pdf
Helpline Poster Welsh for Web.pdf


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