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Amanda Bloom is an Australian singer-songwriter and composer whose music is a mixture of indie rock and classical all rolled into one. With her classical vocals and rock music, this is music that I’ve never really heard before. After listening to her album, The History of Things to Come, although it’s not normally the music I would listen to, you can instantly recognise that this woman has talent. When I first heard Bloom, I thought she was just a singer, but after reading about her, I find that not only does she write her songs, but she is also the composer of the music, too. This truly blew me away and this is more proof that music is definitely a form of art.

I would describe the music and lyrics as powerful and completely breaking any feminine stereotypes. I never really thought of a classical voice and rock music working together, but Amanda has taken me on a journey which proves that it is extraordinary and although not something you’d expect, it’s still amazing and beautiful.

Again, although Amanda’s music isn’t what I’d normally listen to, if someone offered to take me to see her live or I got the opportunity to review one of her performances, I would definitely be up for it.

Rating: 8/10

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