An Interview With Olly Murs’ Tribute Act

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If you’ve not heard of Olly Murs, then you must have been sleeping under a rock since 2009. Since coming second in The X Factor, Olly has risen to stardom and is currently breaking America. Tristan Drew, from Sheffield, has an awesome job. That job? Being Olly’s official tribute act. I caught up with Tristan and spoke to him about his singing career.

What first got you into singing?

I actually started at school. I was always in the choir and when I was 11, I auditioned for a professional theatre show and got the part. I really enjoyed it and spent most of my teenage years in professional theatre and that’s where I found my love for singing. I started doing it in local pubs and clubs when I was 16 and it kind of went from there.

You’re Olly Murs’ official tribute act – what made you decide to pursue this career?

The tribute market is something that’s been growing for years and it’s now a massive part of the light entertainment circuit. When I decided to give it a go as well as my singing career, I wanted to do a tribute act to someone no one had done before, someone I liked, who was a bit like me and who I was able to relate to. I’m a bit cheeky so when Olly started to get popular, I thought I’d give it a go. He is very like me in so many ways. I was the first Olly Tribute act out there and 2 years on I’ve been lucky enough to establish myself as the official number 1 and Olly has endorsed me as his official tribute which is just awesome.

You’re very close with Olly’s fan base – the Murs Army – what are your thoughts on the fans?

The Murs Army are incredible. The best fan base I have experienced. The majority have taken me to their hearts like they have Olly himself and I’m privileged to call so many of them friends. They come to see me perform and support me so much in whatever I do and I will always be grateful for their continued support. I honestly love them all….they are pukka.

What do you plan to do over the next year?

The next year I will be working very hard on the Olly Tribute show with my fantastic band and team, I have a UK tour in the pipeline so need to make sure it’s the best show I can do as the Murs Army deserve it. I also have some studio projects on the go. I hope any time left can be spent with my family as I do miss them when I’m on the road.

Will you be writing your own material as well as being Olly’s tribute?

I have been working hard in the studio over the last 6 months working on a number of new tracks and I hope to do a lot more writing and recording moving forward. It’s something I love as I can express who Tristan really is. I have a new single out in September, so fingers crossed that goes well.

What is your ultimate goal career wise?

I’m happy as long as I can keep performing and putting smiles on people’s faces. That’s why I love what I do. I’ve been singing professionally for the last 16 years and I really hope I’m lucky enough to keep doing something I love for a job and that I keep getting the fantastic support I do already. So more of the same would be amazing.

Any advice you could give to young people who may wish to follow a similar career path as yours?

Follow your dreams, work hard, stay grounded and focused as it’s a very, very hard career to progress in. Be yourself and true to what you want and follow your own path to get there. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something. Because with hard work and determination you can.

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