And the Winners Are… Woo hoo! (Reward for Top 10 Wicid Contributors!)

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Well done for all of you for all your hard work writing articles for Wicid. And the winners for the top 10 Contributors are..

In no particular order:

Sir Clucky
callum jenkins
Peter Elliott

You 10 have won tickets to Ponty’s Big Weekend on Saturday 23rd of July. I’ll be contacted you via email to organise delivery.
I’d like to say a huge Congratulations also to:

Radical Rhys
the one the only em

They came unbelievably close to being in the top 10. Keep up the good work! You are on the reserve list if any of the above don’t wish to or cannot attend.

Thank you all

Wicid Ed xxx

Original Competition Post:

Hello Wicid Team!

I’ve just been re-reading some of the excellent articles you’ve written on Wicid and want to say a huge Congratulations to you! I am a proud Editor.

Wicid really is my favourite magazine, I can spend hours on here smiling, laughing, frowning, crying, screaming, shouting, (no I’m not mad, just a little eccentric) you are such talented writers you bring these emotions out in me. There’s nothing like getting lost in a thought provoking story and awaiting the next chapter with excitement, relating to a meaningful piece of poetry, getting excited to go see a movie after reading a great review, laughing out loud at a quirky short film or a weekly blog. Nodding furiously in agreement at a good rant.

I’ve always loved to read, which is why this is the perfect job for me, I open up the control centre of the website every day to see an array of amazing articles to look forward to, and I don’t have to put my hand in my pocket. Which is why I think you deserve a reward so I can show my appreciation and thank you for always brightening my day.

I would like to give away a prize to the top 10 Contributors of Wicid. Some of you are regular writers on here, some of you may not have had the confidence yet to write to your hearts content, well this is the chance for you to get writing. Give it a go, there’s a prize at the end.

Oh by the way, the prize is a ticket to Ponty’s Big Weekend, you can even report and take pictures of your adventures and tell us about it.

I will be announcing the winners on the 15th of July! This article will be featured on the front page, so come back here then and see if you’re one of the winners.

Keep up the Good Work!

A very proud Wicid Ed


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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    :O WOW! Thanks! I feel special! 😀 x

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well done to you all =)

  3. Rhysins says:

    I got a shout-out, woop! =-3

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