Andrew Garfield has Big Shoes to Fill

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Andrew Garfield, the star of Oscar Winning drama the Social Network and Never Let Me Go, has big shoes to fill as he takes the role of webslinger Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s highly anticipated reboot in July.

Garfield will take over from Tobey Maguire as the masked vigilante from Sam Raimi’s trilogy which ended in 2007, Garfield will be joined by Emma Stone as Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans will play Dr Curtis Connors, also known as the Lizard, and Martin Sheen and Sally Field will portray Peter’s Aunt May and Uncle Ben.

Cinema fans can see the amazing Spider-Man in theatres from July 3rd.

1 thought on “Andrew Garfield has Big Shoes to Fill”

  1. BethanTheBarmy says:

    This looks to be much better than the Sam Raimi trilogy, because it’s much truer to the comics. All the Marvel enthusiasts will be happy to see Gwen Stacy as the love interest, and that Spidey will use mechanical shooters as he did in the comics.

    I’m completely geeking out over this – bring on July 3rd!

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