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Writer Frank Vickery and composer Tim Riley have completed the first draft of a new Musical and with the assistance of the Welsh Arts Council and RCT Theatres in place, are now in a position to ‘workshop’ the piece in March 2012 under the direction of Richard Tunley.

Subject to the success of this process and further funding it is hoped that the full musical will tour Wales in 2013.

We are looking for a cast* to help develop the piece in workshop with a concert performance 23rd March 2012.

*Inclusion in this development process does not necessarily mean automatic casting in any subsequent development stage, production or touring production.

Workshops/ Rehearsals: Monday 12th – Friday 23rd March

‘Concert’ Performance: Friday 23rd March at The Park and Dare Theatre, Treorci

Director: Richard Tunley
Musical Director: Tim Riley
Writer: Frank Vickery
Producer: Geoff Cripps (on behalf of RCT Theatres)

Fee £350 per week (£700 in total)

There may be need to some initial meetings to take place prior to 5th March.

No fee is available for these informal set-up sessions.

Casting Breakdowns:

The Story:-
Kit, an American soldier and Dilys, a local girl from Treorci, met in South Wales during the Second World War. Although they were poles apart, they fell in love. However at the end of the war Kit abruptly returned with his unit to America. Their wartime ‘fling’ was soon forgotten and they went on to lead entirely separate lives until Kit, now a widower, returns forty years later in the 1970s for a reunion of army pals in a Cardiff hotel. Kit gets to wondering what ever happened to Dilys and decides to look her up and say hello. This is the starting point for the show. One thing leads to another and the couple re-kindle their relationship.

Although Kit and Dilys are fictional, the American reunions really did take place in South Wales in the seventies and and are Frank’s inspiration for the piece. For Tim, the exciting challenge has been to create a musical score focusing on ‘more mature’ voices and at its core a pair of lovers well beyond the ‘first flush’ of youth.

The Cast
DILYS (cast) Di Botcher
KIT A well-spoken American (New York). Playing age 55 plus. Baritione
HARRY Kit’s American army buddy and business partner. Playing age 50 plus.

SERGIO Dilys’s first husband. An Italian. Playing age 55 plus.

(Harry and Sergio can be played by the same actor and are currently mainly speaking roles. However it would be helpful if this actor was a Baritone or Tenor.

GLENDA Harry’s younger wife. Playing age 45 plus. Mezzo
MARIO Dily’s son. Late 20s. Baritone/Tenor.
MERVYN Dily’s other son. Early 30s. Ideally Bass.
JOANIE Kit’s daughter. 25 plus. Ideally Mezzo.

The Ensemble
Also required are up to 12 additional performers, talented community performers, resting professionals, or future professionals to join the ensemble and play a variety of smaller roles.
There is no fee, but there may be a payment to cover expenses. Ideal for those local to Rhondda Cynon Taff.
Male and female performers required
Ages – playing ages – early 20’s upwards.
Ability to sing essential.
Ability to move well – preferred.

Contact details
Please submit CV’s & Headshots to:
Geoff Cripps @

contact : Geoff Cripps


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