Anti-Child Abuse Poster Reveals Secret Message In Spain

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A charity in Spain, Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation (ANAR), has revealed a new and unique ad poster which aims to help children suffering abuse by revealing a helpline number which has been designed on posters that can be found on bus stops, billboards etc. The ads have a warning message on them, which can be seen by adults, but they also have a secret message – the helpline number – which can only be seen by children.

The campaign ,which was created by Grey Spain, hopes to empower children suffering abuse by secretly giving them a number to call for help without alerting their abuser, even if they are standing right next to them. ANAR was concerned that if the anti-abuse phone number is both visible to children and adults, the adults may possible dissuade their child from seeking help.

The ad agency has used a lenticular printing technique, which is usually used in novelty postcards and kids’ stationery products. The technology produces printed images with an illusion of depth, allowing the display of different messages when viewed from different angles. From an adult’s point of view, or anyone taller than 4’5, the ad shows an innocent poster with a boy’s picture and an awareness message that reads: ‘Sometimes, child abuse is only visible to the child suffering it.’

Children with a height of 1.35 metres – the average height for kids 10 years old and below – will be able to see the boy in the poster with bruises, with the message, ‘If somebody hurts you, phone us and we’ll help you,’ alongside the phone number 116 111, the European child helpline number.

Speaking about the design, Grey Spain said: ‘It is a message exclusively for them, hidden from adults’ eyes, It uses a lenticular to combine two images, and we have calculated an area visible only to children under ten – and a warning for adults.’

What do you think of this poster idea? Would you like to see something similar here in Wales? Comment below.

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