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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH! Gasp! Worry! Panic! It is MONDAY! Today was the day of [drum roll] the Apple Store Trip!!!!!!!

Lots of things ran through my mind….would the young people turn up? Would the bus turn up? Would the Apple Store be open??! Would I turn up after all of this worry??! Argh, the strain! (I need a new hobby)…

Got some news for ya all (at last), since I have been quiet for a bit (gotta let others have a chance to post, eh?)

….so, we ran a trip to the Apple Store in Cardiff today, and it was fab (despite all of the worry earlier).The staff there were friendly and helpful, and the young people we took along spent time using Garage Band and iMovie, creating their own music and film on – get this – new, yes NEW 11inch Mac Air lap tops….only been in the store since Friday! Wooo hoooo!

We even had a bit of the store cordoned off for our use, with a very nosy and jealous-looking public looking on, especially since most of the new Airs they could no longer play with due to the fact that we were using them! Heh, heh. The work the young people produced is going to be emailed to me so I can give them out to the young people on discs. The young people left the store a lot wiser, in love with Apple products, and with a certificate and a t shirt (no, they cannot be purchased). I want to say a huge well done to the young people…since they did more work today than I have done on my Mac in two years! I have never even used Garage Band!!!!! (perhaps they can show me now…hmmmm)

Now, all of you Mac users out there (me included) know how much it can cost for tuition, and the young people did their work today FREE of CHARGE! Yes, the Apple Store runs field trips for youth groups, and WE in FERNDALE are running another VERY SOON. So, if you want to take part, either A:
nag the living daylights out of the detached youth worker working your area, or B: come with us the next time we go!

When I get the photos off my work phone, I will post about this trip again…so you can see the young people working!

Ta ta for now



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