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This is a long time in the, uh, making, but we visited a store last year as an activity where young people had the chance to create movies and music.

The store was a friendly fruit store called ‘Apple’ in Cardiff, where young people were able to use computers which had only been delivered days before and were still new!!

Whilst the young people got busy with the computers, I dribbled all over the new lap tops (for those of you who know me, I am an Apple fan, and anything new in the store deserves to be dribbled over whilst contemplating purchase!), played with the iPads, and caused mischief with the (GASP!!!) shiny, silver MacPros! (whimper…I want one, or possibly two…I’m not fussy, but Father Christmas did not deliver, so I must have not been good enough through the year). I giggled with the iPods, downloaded apps to my phone on their WiFi network, and generally created lots of stress for Allyn at the time.

Oh, how children play with shiny new things! Sigh. It was a good day. This activity will run again in the near future (so I can play again), so if any of you peeps want to create beautiful music with Garageband, fool about with photos on iPhoto, and get a Oscar for making movies on iMovie, then come and chat to us, or contact us through this fabaroony website! Oh, and if you attend the trip, you even get an Apple t-shirt, which are not available to buy may I add.

What more can you want? Well…..I want a MacPro


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