Are you too young for the pub and too old for youth club?

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The Bryn Celynnog cluster Detached team has a solution for you!

On a Thursday evening 6:30 ? 9:30pm youll find us in Caf? Rana on the Precinct in Church Village. Pop in and see us and have a free cuppa or cold drink.

The space is just for us so we have been inspired to have twister competitions and chill to music. Bring your iPod or MP3 and control the tunes or hold court on a debate as to whether someone is breaking the rules. Its entirely up to you!!

If youre in Year 10 or over youre welcome to join us anytime between 6:30 and 9:30pm, so feel free to pop in for 5 minutes or for the full three hours. If you want a proper chat about something bothering you or you want to chillax and not be hasssled by an adult we have the perfect place for you!

If you have an idea about what else should be available for you to access whilst in the caf?, give me a shout and Ill try and organise it 🙂

See you all soon!
Rach x


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