Assuming Inevitable Insanity

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I don’t know what I’m doing. I doubt anyone does. What are we put on this Earth for? Do I need something to believe in or am I fine the way I am? What shall I do? How should I think?

All this is answered by your interpretation of the world. It’s weird because only us personally can understand what we think. If we try explaining it to others they just don’t interprate it the same way. They don’t understand. I don’t think it really matters how much you know a person, you will never understand someone else’s mind.

Pessimists think negatively.

Optimists think positively.

They’re completely contrasting, obviously. But I don’t seem to think so. They are both extremists. The only difference is the positive and negative impact they have on their surroundings and themselves.

I don’t know which one it’s best to be. Thinking negatively could be a good thing.
In life you continuously have bad things happen to you. So are pessimists just people who accept life?
Are optimists people who cannot accept life and the way things work? They could be avoiding reality and living in a delusional world. A world of their own.

I don’t know.

My opinion is invalid. So are everyone else’s opinions. No one really cares, no one really matters and nothing ever happens. It just repeats itself. A cycle. Life.

The only thing that makes us individual and different from each other are personalities. Personalities are the essence of people. It is what a person is, how a person expresses themselves. But why should we have personalities if everyone discards and humiliates one another?
It’s as though no one respects anyone. Everyone is against each other.
We can’t express ourselves, as we’ll get ridiculed. We’ll constantly pick away at others, slowly but surely wearing away their sense of hope.

So you can’t have a personality. We should all be the same person. That would be fun. (I’m being sarcastic…)

I don’t know what I am. I don’t know who I am.
To be completely honest, I’m confused.

I need guidance, just as any other person in the world does.

No one seems to get any.

No one seems to be happy.

The world is just one large destroyer.
Destroyer psychically and emotionally.

We’ll all eventually go insane.

It’s inevitable.

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2 thoughts on “Assuming Inevitable Insanity”

  1. WICID Martyn says:

    You seem a bit lost Synster – I’d recommend you write some life goals down, even if they are as simple as “Pay myself a compliment everyday” and work from there .. most people work hard and fall into something they love 🙂

  2. SynysterKatie says:

    I just need a job hahah :L

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