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This is just a pre-warning for this post, but as you guys may or may not be able to tell, this post is designed to be a long and detailed post so go get a cup of tea, pop some toast, sit on your couch and be prepared to read all about the eras, concepts, albums and more about your favourite boy group, Astro!

The group itself will be discussed in more detail as an informative post about who and what Astro are in a later post.

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Era One – Spring Up!

Spring Up was the debut mini-album of the boys, and the debut release was following the ending of the filming of the boys’ show, ‘To Be Continued.’ Their debut title tracks consisted of Puss In Boots, also known as Cat’s Eye and their main title track which was Hide & Seek.

In my opinion, this concept was a very cute debut concept and I found that different yet very enjoyable compared to other boy group concepts. I find that most boy groups tend to have manly concepts and yes while I do like my men very many I also loved how cute and unique of not only a concept, but a debut concept at that, Spring Up was.

The title track(s) for Spring Up was Hide & Seek and before their offical debut they released the music video for the song Cat’s Eye, also known as Puss In Boots, during the end portion of their mini-tv show, To Be Continued. Alongside this, to the buildup of their debut they also had a reality show which only aired about 6 episodes but that was the show that got me into Astro. So I have been into them since their debute days.

In my opinion, when I first heard the album I wasn’t really that keen on it. I ummed and arred about if I liked it for a while but after I listened to the album two or three times the album really grew on me and I also love that the album has at least one sad ballad song, which in my opinion was my favourite song from that album.

Here is my ‘Member Spotlight’ segment where I will be talking about a member who really shined or showed off the most during a certain debut, and the decision will be made from me watching all dance practices, live stages and any mvs that the album has connected to it.

The member who has won ‘Member Spotlight’ for Spring Up, in my opinion, is Moon Bin. It was honestly so hard to choose a member spotlight for this era seems as it was their debut and each of them stood out during their solo segments of songs etc, and I was ultimately torn between Sanha and Moon Bin but Moon Bin stood out just that little bit more to me and so he was chosen as the member spotlight for the Spring Up era.

I chose Moon Bin as the member who stood out the most because during the dance practice he looked really cool and his movements were subtle yet fluid. He seemed very confident with what he was doing and that made him stand out the most. During live stages, his vocals were a bit shaky in some parts but for a newly debuted boy group not only Moon Bin but all the members did very, very well and I and a very proud Aroha of them for that. Last of all, during the music video [Hide & Seek] he was basically an opening act for the mv alongside Sanha as they are focused on first. During the dance mv as said above, Moon Bin’s dancing was just so confident and his vocals in the song are beyond heavenly, hence why he is one of the main vocals but then again find me an Astro member who isn’t good at what he does.

Now onto my fangirl segment. This is just a short segment where I can fangirl about my bias or anything really. And fun fact, Jinjin was actually my first bias. I loved his hair, his voice and his smile but yes Lee Dongmin/Cha Eunwoo stole me away. But still, I love Jinjin’s voice and hair during this era. But then again, his rapping is on point in every era.

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Era Two – Summer Vibes

The Summer Vibes era was the boys first comeback, and the title track song is a very bubbly, happy and uplifting song. It certainly took to the typical Astro style for a song and honestly I really loved this comeback.

The title track is called ‘Breathless’ and the boys have described that the song is a song that is supposed to cool you down in the summer and leave you breathless. The album is supposed to cool you down in the summer heat. Obviously, an album can’t really cool you down in a summer heat but this is beside the point.

The music video had a unique concept and I really liked it, I mean how many groups simulate they are cola bottles in the sad or in a cooler? Literally no one else that I know of has done that sort of concept and when I first saw it I thought, ‘Wow, these guys are amazingly creative.’

This album isn’t one of my favourites by the boys, but don’t mistake me and think I don’t like the album because I do. I love some of the songs on the album and retrospectively I dislike some of the other songs.

My favourite song on this album was ‘Growing Pains’. The song is beautifully sad and the vocals, even the rap were all very calming and you could hear the emotions in the vocals and rapping which I really loved. It is one of my favourite songs by Astro to date.

Now on to the Member Spotlight segment. For this era, the member who stood out the most to me had to be MJ as not only is he very funny and his attitude and acting in the music video is uplifting, but his vocals are very soft and beautiful. I also love his little dance where Eunwoo carried him and he looks like he is imitating a plane. He is so funny and entertaining and I love that about him.

For this era, I couldn’t really find just one main thing to fangirl about. It was a good first comeback in my opinion and while it may not have been my favourite comeback I still love it as I love the acting of the guys in the music video, the emotions of their vocals in every song and their effort and talent in all they put into the songs they have.

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Era Three – Autumn Story

The second comeback of the boys, aka Alisha’s favourite comeback, is their comeback with third mini-album Autumn Story and title track Confession. I can not find a source that tells me the meaning to the song but from the music video I have very ‘W’ [a web drama] vibes from the guys coming to life out of her drawings and the song and lyrics itself shows to me that the song is about a boy trying to confess but either the girl doesn’t like him back or the boy is too cowardly to get on with it and try to woo her.

Cha Eunwoo had addressed a question about the music video, “There’s a scene at the end where [I’m] crying and holding onto [the female lead’s] sleeve, and what that scene means is, as Hyung mentioned before, the concept of the MV is that we came out of the female lead’s drawings. So in the MV, we can’t really be together with the girl in reality, so the MV shows us confessing our feelings to her even though we can’t be together, and ultimately, we have to return to the drawings. It’s actually a very sad ending.”

Honestly, this comeback was my favourite to date and I love the music video, I loved the concept, once again even if it does seem very similar to the concept of web drama W the concept in a music video was very unique and once again the album was a very Astro-y album. Do you guys get me when I say something sounds very Astro-y?

The member who has one Member Spotlight for this comeback was Cha Eunwoo, and this is solely due to the ending scene of the music video where he is crying. As and Eunwoo stan he really touched my heart strings and the music video while playful held a deep and emotional story to it, and this concept in my opinion just suited Eunwoo the best.

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Era Four – Winter Dreams

I’m not quite sure if you guys would class this era even as an era. They were too busy to release and mv but they did release 3 songs, and a dance practice to a song which is actually my all-time favourite Astro song, which is called Again but is translated as I Should Have Held On. The guys also did live stages for this song which makes me very happy as there wasn’t any mv so I feared they weren’t going to really treat the song as a real comeback.

The song is wanting to try again with a beloved one whom they had lost or given up on before, and honestly this song is so beautiful and very relatable in many ways. The dance is also a very simple yet sharp dance and the song gives a more manly vibe to Astro, HOWEVER it is still very Astro-y.

Honestly, I didn’t really like the other songs on the album, yet again I didn’t really take the proper time to go through them and listen to them. However, even if this era doesn’t necessarily count as one I still loved the song Again and I always listen to it on repeat.

There will be no Member Spotlight segment for this era due to the lack of songs and the issue with the no music video. However, Jinjin did stand out in the audio to me and the live stages as his rapping was powerful and sounded very emotion filled.

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Era Five – Winter Dreams Part.01

Okay so after the very small somewhat comeback of Again, in all honesty I expected another, better comeback to come along soon and yes I get that the boys were busy with their schedule, so I was prepared to wait for it until they came across a new concept that wasn’t about seasons but the boys didn’t want to let us down and so they made a longer finale to the season’s concept, and yes as this era is still fairly new this era section may be less detailed than the ones above.

For a title track, at first I was a bit disappointed as I thought the album had way better song on it, but let’s face it, it is a little bop and it has grown on me, and I now love it. To be honest, this may actually take over the place for Autumn Story as my favourite comeback and album!

So I’ve continuously listened to this album on repeat for the last four hours while thinking up how I should even write out this post, and honestly, it has to be one of the better albums by the guys, not that any of the albums were sucky. My favourite song from the album has to be one of the slower songs which is Lie. When I first heard the song, as I speak no Korean I only understood some words in the song and honestly, I could tell it had to be their usual one-song-an-album-sad-song and yes I am a sucker for Astro’s sad songs. And damn when I thought Jinjin’s rapping was emotional in ‘Again’, I was wrong. In ‘Lie’, even if I couldn’t understand him at first he still almost brought me to tears.

I really could not choose a member spotlight for this comeback. They all looked so good in the music video, in the live stages, they all sound great as always. And therefore the member spotlight for this era is all of the Astro members.


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