Back to the Past in my house

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One day my friends slept around my house, they’re called Emma, Jasmin and Demi. We were going to play games on my laptop, but then we all want into my attic because my dad was making a time machine, this time machine would send you to the past.

We then went downstairs to watch a programme called Ghost Whisperer. It was too scary, so we all went to bed. Demi woke us up. Demi told us there was a loud bang which came from the attic. We all went up there, it was as cold as ice but the time machine was on and we could hear every clog tick. The machine sucked us in; it took us back in time!

It wasn’t my house anymore it was a baker’s shop and home. Jasmin asked “where are we?” We told her that we were in the baker’s shop back in the olden days. The baker was fat, short and covered in flour. He was very angry and shouted at us!

My bedroom was different, there was a ghost in my bedroom. She was a girl ghost, she had brown hair and brown eyes and was very pale, as white as a sheet. She had a teddy bear in her hand. I thought “she looks like Caitlin Phillips”. She then disappeared in air.

The baker came up the stairs, me Emma and Demi hid in a dark room. I think it was a store room. It had lots of pots and flour sacks. The baker caught Jasmin and they disappeared.


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